The tech and IT industries are booming. And companies are rapidly hiring to fill a growing number of jobs with talented personnel. 

However, the tech recruitment process can be time-consuming and tedious, leaving recruiters and hiring managers overworked, stressed-out, and under a lot of pressure. From writing job descriptions to screening candidates, there are a lot of steps to hiring talent that can often stretch over months. 

Good thing there are more than 1400 HR tools that can help recruiters and hiring managers that can help them conduct an array of tasks that can help them hire the best talent. We’ve compiled a list of 15 recruiting tools that can help recruiters advertise jobs, screen eligible candidates, scheduling interviews, and onboard new employees with help from tools that save time, money, and most importantly — stress:

3 Recruiting Tools to Advertise Jobs

There are a couple of ways companies advertise job openings. While some prefer to advertise on their website, many opt for job boards that are popular and have a large database of skilled candidates. When selecting a job board, relevancy is key and recruiters want to make sure they are posting jobs on boards where they will find the most compatible talent. 

Job boards and aggregators are essential to the recruiting ecosystem as direct applicants make up 48% of all hires. Here’s a list of popular job boards gaining momentum among the HR community: 

  1. Google For Jobs This is a game changer, as Google’s latest service offers both job applicants and employers to connect through a deep collaboration across multiple job boards under one platform. Through Google, job seekers can borrow it’s Machine Learning technology to search for and apply smarter to jobs posted through multiple sources online. Job applicants can see information such as salary, company reviews, and industry statistics, and much more.

  2. LinkedIn Talent Solution Probably a no-brainer for most recruiters and job seekers, LinkedIn has made itself indispensable over the last couple of years. It’s often the first place recruiters and hiring managers go to learn more about a potential candidate, and can also post jobs and advertise about their company and brand. It’s also the number one platform for job seekers to display their experience and qualifications and connect with recruiters to build relationships and rapport for credible job placements.

  3. Indeed One of North America’s largest job aggregators, Indeed is the most popular platform to advertise your job. Recruiters can reach a large number of job seekers through Indeed, but we have to warn you that vetting through thousands of resumes can be a bit challenging! 

5 Recruiting Tools to Screen Applicants

This is by far the most important step of the recruiting process. Screening through hundreds and thousands of resumes can be challenging, especially when recruiters are time-crunched and tasked with filling in a role urgently. 

Also, when hiring for technical roles, it’s important to take assessments to see if the applicant has credible knowledge and practice of certain programs and tools to successfully carry out the role they’re being hired for.

To save recruiters and hiring managers the trouble, here are some tools that can automate screening of applicants: 

  1. Codility If you’re hiring for a technical role and need to conduct an assessment before interviewing, Codility is a great tool to help you test the applicant’s knowledge and skills of coding languages and programs.

  2. Classmaker When you need to hire non-technical staff, Classmaker is a great platform to test and quiz applicants for business knowledge. Hiring personnel can create personalized tests and invite applicants to take a test by sharing a URL. However, there is no built-in tracking system.

  3. Vervoe This platform lets you hire based on people’s performance, and not so much on experience and years in the industry. Ideal to hire new candidates with little experience in the market, or fresh graduates.

  4. JazzHR A SaaS applicant tracking platform that allows recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to potential candidates from multiple sources under one system. It also allows them to manage the entire interview process within the portal.

  5. Workable If you want to track applicants, and rediscover some older ones that may be fit for a new role you’re in search of, Workable is the platform for you. They also offer many integrations to offer a complete hiring toolkit.

3 Recruiting Tools to Track Applicants and Schedule Interviews 

Inviting candidates who are either not fully qualified for the role, or lack certain skills can be time-consuming and unproductive.

  1. RIVS A cloud-based video interviewing solution that helps businesses across various industry verticals to manage their interviewing needs whether conducted via video, phone or in-person.

  2. GreenJobInterview A cloud-based video interviewing solution that helps human resources (HR) departments in businesses across various industry verticals to conduct recruitment interviews with candidates in real-time.

  3. TimeTap A cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across various industries such as consulting, counselling, health care, financial services and more. Key features include recurring appointments, automated schedulings, interaction tracking, interview management and room booking management.

4 Recruiting Tools to Onboard New Hires

Congratulations! You’ve hired a new employee. 

To create a smooth onboarding and transition experience for new hires, hiring managers can make use of the following HR CRMs and tools:

  1. BambooHR One of the most popular HR tools used by SMBs. BambooHR lets employees offers a self-service portal to all employees (new and old). Once in, employees can access things such as payroll, performance management, ATS and more..

  2. SatffBase Connect your entire workforce under one app. Staffbase allows for better communication between hiring managers and employees, and different teams across the company. Ideal to get a new hire onboard and introduce to company culture, people, and policies.

  3. Talmundo It is a fully responsive cloud software solution for intuitive employee onboarding. This means that you can access it anytime from any device. It removes paperwork and digitizes the onboarding process for new hires, enabling easy and faster communication.

  4. Lever Has Is a uniquely diverse company that offers the same benefits to other workplaces. They have customers in 40 countries and their team speaks 20 languages. While they offer many more products, their Talent Cloud Connect product offers easy onboarding for new hires.

Where does 9to5.ai fit into the list of tools? 

9to5 is the next gen platform you didn’t know you need for hiring new talent. 

We make things easy and cut the recruitment process by more than half. Hire talent in a couple of days, rather than a couple of months through a system that is bound to relieve recruiters with much of the manual workload and stress. 

If you’re looking to hire talent in the tech and the IT industry, 9to5 is the go-to platform. Our platform doesn’t work like a typical job board and takes on more than one role for recruiters. While using AI tools to match the best candidates for technical roles, we also take out most of vetting and background research process and allow recruiters to connect with only the most qualified applicants. 

With an intelligent AI program, 9to5 lets recruiters receive pre-vetted candidates right in their inbox, without having to scan through resumes or profiles manually. Hiring personnel can also access thousands of profiles and swift through potential candidates manually too if they like. 

Our platform also allows recruiters to schedule interviews and manage interviews in one-go! This allows recruiters to focus on more important steps of the recruitment process. 

Want to get started? Sign-up in less than 10 minutes and start receiving pre-vetted candidate profiles right in your inbox! 

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