About Us

We match top talent to their perfect jobs
9to5.ai was built by 3 individuals from different industries and walks of life, with a common problem that they wanted to solve, recruiting. They were sick of the long time it takes to apply, to hear back from companies, and as hiring managers, to filter through thousands of unqualified applicants.9to5.ai helps automate the recruiting process by creating better matches for hiring managers and candidates, resulting in a faster-easier-cheaper-happier hiring process. Candidates just have to create a profile once, and 100s of companies will be able to view their resumes.From candidate to your next employee, recruitment is filled with a lot of procedural work. The process of finding candidates and acquiring their CVs, the screening, the interviewing, the feedback you have to give every time, and the onboarding of your employees, all add up to wasted time and money on your side.This is where 9to5.ai comes in. Thanks to our AI-powered platform, we change the recruiting landscape for the better. We provide assistance from beginning to end, from sourcing, qualifying, AI-enabled opportunity matching and scheduling.