How long does it take from creating a profile to start receiving interview requests?

You can start receiving interview requests with offers instantly after creating a profile. Keep in mind that the hiring managers might not be looking for your role right away, but it could be at any time. Always keep your profile up-to-date so we could make the best matches for you.

Even if you are not actively looking at the moment, you can keep your profile up and see what types of offers you continue to receive.

If I accept the interview request, do I have to take the job?
No, you do not have to take the job. You can take the interview and make sure the company and industry is also suited to your needs in a company before accepting anything. The 9to5.ai team is here to help.
What if my current company sees my profile?

Your current company will automatically be hidden from seeing your profile. Make sure you keep your profile up-to-date so that our AI feature does not send your profile to the companies mentioned there.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to you at all! You can keep your profile for as long as you need
What companies and industries do you work with?

We currently operate in the MENA region and work with companies in every industry, small early-stage startups to large enterprise companies. Keep your profile updated to your industry preferences, or if you are open to all industries for more accurate matching.

Do you have job posts that I can see?

We do not list jobs on 9to5.ai – Our companies update their job listings almost everyday so you will be matched and get interview requests directly sent to you with offers, so there is less commitment from your end and you can easily accept/decline offers.

Does your team offer us support during and after the recruitment process?
Yes – You can reach out to us anytime. Once you sign up, you will have a talent executive that will always be able to answer any questions and help you through the process. We are always there to help 🙂


Once I join 9to5.ai, when do I start seeing candidates?
If our system finds very curated matches for your open roles, you can start getting candidates sent to you instantly. Your account manager can also manually send candidates to you that can take a few hours but no longer than 24 hours!
What kinds of job seekers does 9to5.ai allow on the platform?
We pre-vet all of the candidates that are sent to employers. Generally, anyone can join and update their profiles continuously, but we only select top qualifying candidates to make sure they have used the skills listed in their resumes at previous jobs.
Can I reach out to a candidate outside of 9to5.ai?
Once you receive a candidates profile, you will have to continue through 9to5.ai. This is to ensure we can help through each step of the hiring process, along with after the candidate is hired. We want the best experience for all users.
Does your team offer us support during and after the recruitment process?
Yes – Your account manager will always be there to help you, even long after you’ve made a hire. You can reach out to your account manager at anytime with questions, and with assistance in scheduling or interviewing, even post hire, and they will help in any way they can!
Any other questions?
Please reach out to your account manager or email us directly at support@9to5.ai